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Mediatrocities #19: Authors Michael Smith and Adam Selzer on “Flickering Empire” Plus Smith Discusses His New Feature “Cool Apocalypse”

flickeringby Legendary Lew

The new book “Flickering Empire: How Chicago Invented the U.S. Film Industry” is a must read for any fan of film. It’s an important piece to the puzzle of how the U.S. went from having a ragtag group of nickelodeon novelty creators to establishing the beginnings of a fully functioning business set for longevity. ¬†Authors Michael Smith and Adam Selzer sat down with me to discuss their book, the wild personalities known and unknown behind the film industry and what we can learn from what they accomplished.

The final ten minutes covers Michael Smith’s new feature film Cool Apocalypse debuting at the Illinois International Film Festival tomorrow in Aurora. ¬†Head out there and support indie cinema!

Smith has a blog called White City Cinema and Selzer has his own website.

Give a listen:

Here is the trailer for Cool Apocalypse: