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South African Penis Transplant Predicted by Director Doris Wishman

amazingtransplantby Legendary Lew

The most titillating surgical news today was the story of an unidentified man who was given a transplanted member by a team of South African surgeons. This was apparently the first successful transplant of its kind ever.

But will it remain without complications? The great sexploitation movie director Doris Wishman explored that dilemma with her classic grindhouse film, The Amazing Transplant.  In that film, a nice guy named Arthur has an affinity for certain ladies.

Unfortunately for these women, the one common factor among them is a set of glistening earrings that drives Arthur insane during lovemaking. The result is a string of serial killings and rapes that baffle the cops.

Set on stopping the crimes,  a police detective learns why Arthur is choking chicks and not choking his own chicken–a penis transplant! You see, Arthur had a new bishop sewn onto him by a surgeon who didn’t realize the donated dong belonged to a previous sex offender with a fetish for golden earrings.

Oh Doris, how the film world was blessed by your presence!

I’m certain the South African surgical will keep an eye on any further developments. Here’s hoping the patient will live a full and happy life without the complications expressed in Doris Wishman’s great sleazer, The Amazing Transplant.

GOP Fantasy Film Not Coming to a Theater Near You

The uncovered 70’s sexploitation movie:


Nadia ul-Gindy: Egypt’s Answer to Tura Satana and Isabel Sarli?

Via the wonderful website Mondo Macabro comes this amazing written and visual essay celebrating Nadia ul-Gindy, a bombshell Egyptian actress with such tremendous charisma, she drew record audiences into theaters with no advance publicity.

Robert J. Kiss does an immense service to film fans everywhere by introducing much of the rest of the world to, not only this actress very famous in Egypt, but to a previously little seen world of exploitation films made in the Arab world. He has a jewel of a thread here with many films for you to scramble searching for. Happy hunting!

A Kickstarter Campaign to Restore Sexploitation Films? You Bet!

Joe Rubin of Process Blue (Courtesy: Mr. Skin)

Spielberg and Scorsese may be busy trying to fund the restorations of classic American films, but sexploitation and porn–in existence since the birth of movies–barely get serious mention for saving.

That’s why I’m glad Mr. Skin profiled Joe Rubin, a friend of The Underground Multiplex (he appears in our trailer for Sisters of No Mercy), and his serious attempts to restore these previously ignored films.

The current Kickstarter campaign for the film company he co-founded, Process Blue, is raising money to help restore three previously lost sexploitation movies by exploitation movie genius Herschell Gordon Lewis: The Ecstasies of Women, Linda & Abilene and Black Love.

Head on over to Mr. Skin’s profile (note: NSFW pics) here. Then, show some money love and contribute to Process Blue’s great work at their Kickstarter site.