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Art Activists Fight to End the Abuses at Profiles Theatre

~ by Ty Pi


Profiles Theatre Windows of Shame (Photo taken by an anonymous tenant.)

On Thursday, June 9th, 2016, an explosive and lengthy article was released in The Chicago Reader. Written by Aimee Levitt and Christopher Piatt, the report details the abuses taking place at the famed Profiles Theatre. The alleged abuser is actor/artistic director Darrell W. Cox, with co-founder/artistic director Joe Jahraus allegedly complicit to these abuses.

The story has since been picked up by Jezebel, Playbill, The New York Times, and The Chicago Sun-Times.

The day the story went into print, a group of art activists, led by Emma Couling and Gaby Labotka, took action in front of Profiles Theatre, handing out copies of the damning article. Later that stormy night, Legendary Lew and I got to witness them put up multiple Chicago Reader front page covers and the full article on the windows of Profiles Theatre.


Art activists in front of Profiles Theatre. “Whatever the Truth Requires” is the Profiles’ mission statement. (Photo taken by a supporter.)

In the video featured below, you’ll hear Couling, Labotka, and Anna Rose li-Epstein state why they were demonstrating.

You can also visit the activist site, Not In Our House, where their mission statement reads, “Join us as we lead a cultural shift to strengthen our collective experience by working together to protect and develop our artists, our theatres, and our Chicago Theatre Community.” The activists featured in the video are not affiliated with Not In Our House, but are acting independently.





Director Mike Gibisser presented his quietly disquieting movie FINALLY, LILLIAN & DAN in person at our Brain Kitchen Theatre last Friday night.

A gourmet BBQ was catered for us by Grillmaster MXMI, who also shared his tales of dangerous battles with mythic sea creatures. Laura Zinger (Director, ‘Proceed and Be Bold!‘) impressed all in attendance when she summoned a cloud of moths from a spigot. Once bellies were full and potions had been drank, We, the Mighty Beings of the Kingdom of Nawizopaati, ascended to the Brain Kitchen Theatre and partook in a screening/ancient sweatbox ritual meant to induce illumination.

Fevers, vomiting, impatience, and eventually, Nirvana ensued.

Watch the movie yourself 4FREE Below:

Finally, Lillian and Dan from mike gibisser on Vimeo.

As a prelude to our feature, we were proud to screen Episode One of the Four Eyed Monsters Podcast, by Arin Crumley and Susan Buice.  For those unfamiliar with Four-Eyed Monsters and it’s historic significance in the albeit abbreviated history of independent online film distribution, do investigate further.




Director Burke Lewis in the Brain Kitchen Theatre

BILLY WAS A DEAF KID XOX from The Underground Multiplex on Vimeo.

Download the Director’s Q&A in it’s entirety right here:

Billy Was a Deaf Kid Q&A (appr. 100mb)



house paint, spray paint, Guerilla Glue, old National Enquirer, rain, dirt, sun, ash, lightning, MM on 1/4” wood sheet

“Sermon to the First Assembly of the Mighty Beings of the Kingdom of Nawizopaati”

We assemble, HERE
at the Temple of Nawizopaati
Let it be known (and echoed thruout!)
Nawizopaati is a moment midswirl
Two Kastles sandstorming world 2 world
heeling behind clouds of music and show
(which are of course the smallest of the small in the galaxy of Nawizopaati)
And here we summon you, Great Kingdom of Nawizopaati,
Under the protective gaze of the Mighty GOBEARS
May we carry Nawizopaati in our hearts always
and forever reside in the lee of the Eddy of Dinadoo…

shy, ill 4eva

Another crowdsourcing success: Mike Daisey’s “The Agony and the Ecstacy of Steve Jobs”

Mike Daisey’s successful one-man show, “The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs” bore more fruit this week.  He just released his stage play, about the anguish of discovering the terrible conditions in which iPhones are made, for use by anyone online.

The response: 60,000 downloads in 48 hours! He’s now had offers to produce his work in as many as 11 different countries. All he’s requesting is credit for the original work (but even that is unnecessary).

This is an example of creative commons at work. Daisey’s insured himself audiences worldwide as a result of this. Why can’t Hollywood think of making similar generous examples instead of trying to squelch indie producers like us?

If you are in Chicago, Daisey will be performing “The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs” at The Chicago Theatre in conjunction with WBEZ Chicago and hosted with Q&A by Ira Glass.