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US Copyright Office Wants to Hear from You About DMCA Abuses (But You Have to Contact Them TODAY)

DMCA-abuseby Legendary Lew

I recently posted here about the non-enforcement of The Fair Use clause for media producers and how their works (and careers) in were jeopardy. Overzealous entertainment labels and outright thieves plop down DMCA takedown notices on YouTube when the alleged violations were highly questionable. Making matters worse, the claimants could legally take ad money meant for the original video creator after the takedown and never be required to give it back, even if the claims are proven false.

Now I’ve learned from Fight for the Future(.org) that the U.S. Copyright Office wants to hear from those who have a concern with these violations. ¬†Click on this link to register your concerns about the misuse of DMCA takedowns and the violation of free speech these actions incur.

The only catch is that you must contact them by 11:59pm tonight!

So contact them now and tell others. We can flood the US Copyright Office the same way the FCC was flooded regarding a free and open internet.

UPDATE: There’s already a report that the massive response is crashing the government servers on their site. Keep trying! This is very positive!

Here’s the Nostalgia Critic speaking about the abuse of DMCA takedowns:

Where’s the Fair Use? #WTFU

FairUsePosterby Legendary Lew

An increased number of YouTube content creators are joining forces to inform the public about how badly copyright claims on YouTube are being mismanaged. From false claims with no penalties to the open invitations to steal moneys from channels, the current system of DMCA is being badly abused, all in the name of “piracy.”

If you create anything, especially something being shared online, you owe it to yourself to watch this very informative video from The Nostalgia Critic. And also, tell your elected officials to stop the TPP.