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Many Thanks to CIMMFest and the Fans of Sci Fi Sol!

A dream finally came true for The Underground Multiplex after more than a year of planning. Sci Fi Sol got a release through a festival, and how lucky we were to have it shown as part of the Chicago International Movies & Music Festival. Ours was one of the final screenings in the large viewing space of The Wicker Park Arts Center before that building is acquired by new owners. The projection and sound were terrific and Dave Asher (singing along live in performance with three videos and the feature) was in excellent form.

Our deepest gratitude to all those who braved the elements to check out the film.  Special thanks to Drew and Josh for taking pictures (coming soon);  the CIMMFest volunteers and crew for the smooth program transitions, technical know-how and help in a hurried environment. Big, big thank you to Michael Phillips, Jr. for giving us the chance to shine and allowing me to write a blog entry touring the newly renovated Logan Theatre. And, of course, to Joseph R. Lewis and Dave Asher–Good God, you guys are geniuses!


A Corman Double Feature in 16MM at Shock Theater

One of the great things about Chicago is the abundance of film venues and variety of films presented here.  You’re going to be hard pressed to find a place that will show a Roger Corman double feature in 16mm, but not a problem here in the city.

Joel Wicklund from Shadows and Screams will be hosting double dose of dementia as part of Wicker Park Art Center’s Shock Theater this coming Friday, August 5th at 9pm.  Francis Ford Coppola’s Dementia 13 and Roger Corman’s The Terror will be served up for your enjoyment.  Oh sure, you can get these titles as public domain discs from your local Walmart dressed in a string bikini. But for a cheap 5 bucks, you’ll get the experience the way it’s meant to be, plus learn a little something from Joel and get a chance to win some neat prizes.

The Terror...Now at Your Local Walmart