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Copyright Chaos: Pirate Bay Co-Founder Arrested as Troma Entertainment Releases a Library of Films for Free

If you want proof of the current fucked up state of copyright enforcement, you needn’t look further than a couple of headlines from the past week.

Pirate Bay co-founder, Gottfrid Svartholm Warg, was arrested in Cambodia with the reporting from Murdoch-owned assrag The Wall Street Journal using words like “mastermind” and “notorious” to send the boogeyman shivers down your spine. The actual crime that Warg committed, of course, is helping develop a platform on which individuals can share files and get the word out about movies and music that you may never otherwise hear about.  That’s why super rich ABBA founder Bjorn Ulvaeus can be pissed off about sharing files while struggling indie musicians depend on it for exposure.  And since the CEO of Universal Music just admitted that he doesn’t create art, that puts Bjorn, creator of soulless music in the company of a soulless music exec. Won’t help you much in the court of public opinion, guys.

Meanwhile, Troma, a film company in existence for over 3 decades, announced it has released 150 films on YouTube for free, including their signature flick The Toxic Avenger. Can you imagine a major Hollywood studio announcing they would release hundreds of classic movies online for free?

Or can you imagine them forcing Congress to pass a law allowing movie copyrights to be held for “death+70 years” and chase after people who could actually help those movies gain new audiences?


Cast/Crew Party of “Sci Fi Sol” Feb. 1, 2012

The Underground Multiplex held a cast/crew party on Feb. 1st for the first-ever showing of Sci Fi Sol, the exciting new feature making its public debut at CIMMFest on April 13th.  (It’s a great festival of movies and music. Go here for more info).

The 40-seat screening room at Facets Multimedia filled up twice for our event, livened by a nicely decorated reception by Jenny Grist.  We were quite pleased

with the response.  Most of those associated with the film were able to make it including Taylor Bibat (pictured below), who played “Violet Raygun,” one of the laser-toting, video game gals in the movie.

TUGM regular Lielie Kaehn-Jarvis was on hand to provide sci-fi glam makeup to  visitors. We had some takers (thank you, folks!). She also provided the great make-up of the zombie prostitute dancers of Sisters of No Mercy 3D.

Our thanks to all those who came out that great night! To everyone else: you’ll be able to enjoy the fun of Joe and Dave Asher’s great film along with Dave’s live performance at CIMMFest on Friday, April 13th.  Buy your tickets here!



Tonight’s the Night! Sisters of No Mercy Opens Facets Fright School!

Be there or be damned! Reception begins at 11pm.


TUGM on The Curious Sophisticate Sunday 12:30pm on Radio DePaul

Joe Lewis and I will be interviewed by Dominick Mayer on Radio DePaul’s “The Curious Sophisticate” program shortly after 12:30pm tomorrow (9/25). We’ll be talking about the upcoming “Sisters of No Mercy Premiere Party in Purgatory” , other programs/features from The Underground Multiplex and our communal arts philosophy.

Tune in by heading to radio.depaul.edu for live streaming. Also, check out this promo for the award-winning station.


Satan’s in a Giving Mood Sept. 30th Midnight at Facets Fright School

Come to this if you want to see more insanity. The entire schedule with the great trailer here.

Great Trailer for the Upcoming Facets Fright School Starting Sept. 30th!

Once again, Joseph Lewis does a fantastic job with this trailer for Facets Fright School running Sept. 30-Oct 29th at Facets Multimedia, 1517 W. Fullerton, Chicago IL 60614. Admission is only $5 and FREE if you’re a member. (Here’s how to become one).

We’ve got a great kick off: The Sisters of No Mercy Premiere Party in Purgatory! Be there Sept. 30th at 11pm for a goodies reception. Midnight for the lecture by me and Joe Lewis followed by the interactive fun!


World Premiere Debut of the Feature “Sisters of No Mercy” in Chicago Sept. 30th!

The Underground Multiplex is proud to present the debut of the interactive feature Sisters of No Mercy as it kicks off Facets Fright School, a month-long delve into spine-tingling spookiness!

This is a one-time, one-of-a-kind interactive cinematic event featuring live actors, performers, musicians, nuns, evil priests, zombie prostitutes, zombie pimps and YOU! But don’t worry, casual viewers are welcome also 🙂 If you have trouble grasping the concept, think nunsploitation meeting Rocky Horror Picture Show at your last audition, only better.

All three SONM shorts (“Sisters of No Mercy,” “The Wisconsin ExorSisters” and “Sisters of No Mercy 3D”) will be shown in their entirety as part of a new narrative. Satan will be holding an audition for a Commander of Hell to lead an army of zombies back to Earth for the big takeover. Who will be chosen? Come to the party in Purgatory and find out!

Before the live interactive screening/performance, Lew Ojeda and Joseph R. Lewis of The Underground Multiplex will lecture about some of these choices for the final feature film and how films from the underground eventually make the mainstream via sampling.

Among the clips sampled to create this crazy cornucopia are selections from “Perversion for Profit,” “Alucarda,” “Satanico Pandemonium,” “The Devils,” “Love Letters from a Portuguese Nun,” “Mommie Dearest,” “Carrie,” “Female Trouble,”  “Doorway to Heaven,” “Deadline for Action,” Drive-In intermission reels and a video of a large guy in a yellow sweater. !

There will be a premiere pre-show party at 11pm in the lobby of the theater, so stop on by and enjoy some treats before the show. Raffles! Prizes! Loads of fun that you won’t get by staying home and streaming. It’s Chicago’s must-see event of the fall!

Friday night Sept. 30th

Pre-screening reception by Jenny Grist in the lobby at 11pm! Free eats and drinks!

Lecture and screening begins at midnight with discussion of what you had experienced and why after the shenanigans.

Only at Facets Multimedia, 1517 W Fullerton Ave, Chicago, IL.

Admission: only $5! FREE for Facets members and live performers for this show only.

Join us for the fun! Let us know you are coming via Facebook at our event listed.

For just a little taste of the craziness, here’s one of the clips that will be part of the fun that night: